Face to Face Friday Please be kind everyone, this is very vulnerable for me to p…

💫Face to Face Friday💫 Please be kind everyone, this is very vulnerable for me to post a picture on the left showing bells palsy diagnosed in the later stages of pregnancy. The picture on the left shows postpartum (me) basically starving myself on a calorie restriction diet aka slimming world. I was hungry all the time and meals were not satiating. My energy levels were so low ☹️which did not help having a new-born to care for! FastForward 2 years to the picture on the right!! 58lbs down and a keto/carnivore advocate! As a female 👩🏼 I feel so compelled to let female women know specifically you don’t need to have a calorie restriction to loose weight! I eat approx 2000/2500 cals a day, im full of energy and importantly HEALTHY!! I am losing essential visceral fat. Ladies don’t ever let anyone tell you as a women you should be eating less to loose weight my metabolic base line is set at a high calorie intake and my body thrives on it. Starvation is a thing of past gone by. Any ladies or guys out there myself and Rich have been thru the hell of crash diets and sympathise with anyone who feels losing weight means to be hungry! Thats not living your life! Set yourselves free guys! Low carb/zero carb is where it is at! Im finally FREE of calorific constraints my only hope is people out there see these mass weight loss companies for the pure controlling, money fuelled business that they are!

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