BECAUSE I STUCK WITH IT! On the left is my weight loss after 1 month of eating…

BECAUSE I STUCK WITH IT! 🌟 On the left is my weight loss after 1 month of eating clean keto (Sept 2019). On the right is my weight loss after 4 months of eating clean keto (Jan 2020). ⁠
I’m so happy I stayed with it! For the first time in a loooooong time, I put my health first. It’s amazing the difference just 4 months can make!⁠ Ended up losing another 9 pounds after this over another 3 months!
So many of you have been reaching out, saying you want to start your clean keto journey tomorrow. Love starting on a Monday after a holiday weekend! It feels so amazing to have enjoyed the fun, and then get right back on track.⁠
On my blog, I have a post that answers all the top FAQ’s I get about my weight loss to make it so easy for you to replicate! Seriously, e v e r y t h i n g. The foods I eat. my keto pantry staples. How I intermittent fast. My meal plans. How I did it while breastfeeding. If I experienced hair loss. How I stay motivated. If I have cheat meals. ALL OF IT! If now feels like the time for you, I’m so excited for you to start! If now doesn’t feel like the time for you, all this information will always be there for you. Rooting for your health journey!⁠
Credit: @tasteslov
Highest Weight: 255 lbs (May 2017)⁠
Starting Weight: 238 lbs (Sept 2019)⁠
Current Weight: 185 lbs (July 2020)⁠
Height: 5’9″⁠

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